Code Racing Development brings Manu Guigou from the rally stages to the race track

Code Racing Development brings Manu Guigou from the rally stages to the race track

Manu Guigou is not the first driver to join the GT4 European Series after a history in rallying. Fabien Michal and Robert Consani made the same career move before, and Manu Guigou knows all too well how big the challenge will be.

If there is any way to compare, I would say that I'm leaving mountainbiking and heading straight to the velodrome”, explains Manu Guigou. “Sure, both sports use bicycles, but the specific skill set makes them totally unique and different. Having said that, I'll also add that Alpine offers the ideal tool to switch from rallying to track driving, as the versatility of the brand is second to none.”

There's no surprise in the collaboration with Code Racing Development to take on this new challenge, as team and driver already know each other very well and have worked together in the past.

We've already had the chance to run two test sessions together, in Barcelona and Nogaro”, Manu Guigou continues. “Obviously I can only go on first impressions, but the effort made on the Alpine A110 GT4 Evo is truly remarkable. I found the exact same balance in the chassis, and the precision and huge driving fun at the wheel, just like I did in the rally model. Of course I now still have an enormous learning curve ahead of me. I'll need to master all the subtle details in track racing, the strategies, rolling starts, close racing and procedures like full course yellows. I'm humble, but also confident and fully motivated to aim for the best possible results. Impossible to predict where I will be amongst the fierce competition in Silver class, but I'm sure my future teammate (who will be confirmed shortly - ed.) and Code Racing Development will help me progress very quickly.”

No more rally then, for Manu Guigou?

You know, if I can sneak in a rally or two between GT4 European Series calendar dates, I may well have another go...”, concludes the Frenchman with a smile. Those racing drivers...