Wimmer Werk Motorsport joins the series for 2024

Wimmer Werk Motorsport joins the series for 2024

Coming off a successful year in GT4 Germany with two pole positions and a number of top 5 finishes, Wimmer Werk Motorsport has shown healthy performance. While 2023 served as a learning season, with three out of four drivers being GT4 rookies, the Austrian team is proud of their achievements and now look forward to new and bigger challenges.

That bigger challenge comes in the form of the GT4 European Series Powered by RAFA Racing Club, which Wimmer Werk Motorsport will enter with at least two cars, aiming for podium finishes and top results. The option of expanding to a three-car line-up is on the table as well.

Driver line-up combining experience and young talent

To bring the necessary experience to the team, Wimmer Werk Motorsport extends the partnership with professional driver Nicolaj Møller Madsen, a former Champion in both the GT4 European Series and GT4 Germany. In 2024, Nicolaj will be serving as Head of the newly created Driving Program and act as an agent to find the right drivers for the team. Additionally, Nicolaj will drive as a Pro driver in the GT4 European Series and provide on-track coaching for the team's other drivers.

Wimmer Werk Motorsport further announces the continuation of Ivan Ekelchik for another season, set to compete in all championships and to share the car with Nicolaj Møller Madsen in the GT4 European Series Powered by RAFA Racing Club.

Phillip Dietrich, part of the team for many years and previously driving Suzuki Swift and TCR, will step up to GT4 for 2024. He will be joined by young talent Egor Khichin, making his debut into GT racing. Both young drivers will be part of the 2024 Driver Program.

Forming talent in the Driving Program by Wimmer Werk Motorsport

The Driving Program is designed to unlock the full potential of Wimmer Werk Motorsport 's drivers on the racetrack. The team believes in providing drivers with the best support and tools to help them become the best possible driver they can be, and consists of:

- a Kick-off Camp: starting the journey with intensive training, season preparation, workshops, and mental coaching to kickstart the racing career of young drivers

- a Car & Media Workshop: gaining a deep understanding of car setups, effective communication with the media and enhancing overall racing skills

- a Fit Camp: elevating the racing game with specialized training, mental coaching and team-building activities

- own video material with a presentation of the driver

- full knowledge of how to use and work with data

- a Sports Package: as part of the program, drivers will receive a range of high-quality sports gear

Wimmer Werk Motorsport has driver seats available for the upcoming season: all info on the team at www.wimmerwerk-motorsport.at.